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Crate Motors - 350 crate motors

Crate Motors

Crate Motors – Brief Introduction

Crate motors are engines which are either partly or completely constructed. Many private engine builders offer crate motors. Some of the reputed brands also offer crate motors like ford crate motors, Chrysler crate motors, etc. Crate motors are a perfect option for people who do not have the knowledge or time to construct an engine.

Generally, crate motors are built with a specific purpose. Crate engines are useful in stock applications. Such crate motors are designed specially to match the specifications of the original car engine. Mildly modified crate engines are also common. These types of crate engines are intended for better performance. Nowadays, engine builders are building crate engines absolutely for racing applications.

Crate motors feature several heavy-duty parts to handle the extra pressure and heat of their extra horsepower. Crate engines greatly vary in the torque and horsepower ratings. Great variation is also available in the size. This is also referred to as cid (cubic inch displacement). By making use of a different crankshaft, it is possible to increase the cid of many stock engines. This can be done by increasing the bore of the cylinders too. In general, the bigger the cid, the more power the engine will produce. Crate engines are also available with either fuel injection, fuel delivery system or a carburetor. Chevy crate motors are often dyno-tested, balanced and blueprinted.

Most of the crate motors for sale are partly assembled. Such crate engines offer most of the essential components; however, let the buyer attach on the rest parts of her/his choice like the distributor or fuel delivery system. On the other hand, there are turnkey crate engines, which are entirely constructed. Once these crate motors are bolted in the automobile engine bay, they will start without any additional parts or tuning.

Crate motors intended for racing applications are costly whereas stock replacement crate engines are not so expensive. In general, the price varies with the power produced by that engine. Thus, the engines that produce more power will cost more. Crate engines having a small block size, yet producing power equivalent to a bigger engine area are also available. Smaller engines offer the large-engine power. This weight-saving feature is specifically striking to racers. However, the expenses of these smaller engines are higher as compared with a bigger one, and hence, heavier engine with the equivalent power.

Majority of crate engines offer some kind of warranty by the builder of that engine. However, there is great variation in the warranties. It is seen that stock replacement crate engines always have the longest warranty. Generally, warranties for crate engines extend only for a particular mileage or time. More power produced by engine, the shorter the warranty period is. Overall, crate engines feature a way to higher amounts of horsepower devoid of the hassle to buy and install any individual components. It is essential to select the right crate engine for that application. So, understand the purpose and application. This will help you get the intended results in easier, faster, affordable and effective manner.
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